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The Undeniable Professionals


Qualified Collective translates the fine aesthetic of yacht interiors to optimal technical designs. This high level of specialisation is at the intrinsic heart of our company. We offer our interior engineering in two locations: Dordrecht, the Netherlands and Valencia, Spain.


Our founders Koert Klaren and Wouter Kock both have twenty years of engineering experience in interior production and yacht building. This means they fully understand how to create the perfect yacht interior. They achieve this by clear communication, while offering superior quality, within budget and time restrictions. In 2018, Koert en Wouter combined their joint expertise and founded a new company: Qualified Collective. The result: high quality interior engineering for every yacht interior.


Undeniable Professionals


Each yacht interior is unique – every design requires customised ideas and solutions. We ask ourselves what is the most imaginative functional potential of this particular yacht? What trusted techniques and materials will optimally fit this design aesthetic? In sum, how do you ensure the best of the best in every single detail?


In order to achieve this, you need highly specialised professionals. Undeniable Professionals. Often these are highly motivated freelancers with particular personal expertise. Just like we have our expertise and our clients theirs. Herein lies the great strength of Qualified Collective: Uniting The Undeniable Professionals.


Jointly, our specialised freelancers and permanent staff form an ideal team. A team with direct communication lines and a shared passion. Carefully composed to complete the project to perfection.


We also include consultancy in our service offering. This can be requested in combination with our interior engineering or separately. For example, we can discuss how to optimally use your budget and which materials are most suitable. Furthermore, we can ensure quality control throughout the whole construction and installation process.


Qualified Collective – Uniting The Undeniable Professionals.


Clients & technical engineering experts with a joint mission: premium quality engineering for every yacht interior.



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